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Additional Questions About Fry Rescue

Hi Mike and Sal,

Thank you very much for your advice!

I added a divider to my 20L borellii tank last night.
Now I have the dominant female in the flower pot in one
side by herself and the male and the second female on
the other side.  The male was busy courting the second
female last night.  I found them together this morning,
kind of squeezed tight in the smallest broken flower
pot (more like a shard).

When I see free swimming fry, I intend to sneak into
the tank in the middle of the night and scoop out the
male.  I enjoyed watching the mother fish leading her
first batch of babies around the tank.  I would really
like to keep the mother and the babies together, if I

So here is my next set of questions.  If the mother
fish did not have a mate nearby to entice her to spawn
again, how long would she keep tending her fry?  I
suppose sooner or later I have to move the fry to a
grow-out tank.  What is an appropriate time for moving
the fry?


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