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Re: Whos going to the ACA ?

	A more burning question is: What is everyone bringing (Besides the blue
goop that I missed last year)? I am still on a quest for dwarf pikes
(preferable C. urosema and C. compressiceps) and Dicrossus maculatus. 
	As for myself, my partners in Three Guys Aquatics will have a host of
stuff there. I believe he is cleaning out the store room ;) Not to turn
this into an add, but just about everything available on the website
(www.threeguysaquatics.com) will be hauled to New Jersey. Flakes, cultures,
electronics, etc. Give us a shout, off list of course, at
info@threeguysaquatics.com if there is anything you'd like to see.
	Hope to meet some people to put faces with e-mail addys :)

Hope to see you all there,
Ken Roese
Commercial Point, Ohio

P.S. I saw a reference to Apisto. sp. "Melgar"...Did Julio get a fish named
after him?

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