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Rep:RE: nitrates in my tank/Pete Liptrot?

I've found that the Water Hyacinth is an
astonishingly good nitrate remover, I know that it's
virtues are sung by those ecologists who would like
to see more natural methods of water purification for
humans. If you look on thekrib.com, you'll find that
it is at the top of the list for removal of nasties
in general, heavy metals etc.
In baking Spain
PS Is pete Liptrot still reading? If so could you get
in touch?

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De: "Jason Sullivan" <jsull97@earthlink.net>
A: <apisto@listbox.com>
Date: 21/06/01
Objet: RE: nitrates in my tank

I have found floating water sprite a VERY efficient
remover of nitrates as
noted.  However, I now have a near constant struggle
to keep adequate
nutrients in the water.  The other plants which stay
longer (i.e.- the water
sprite soon must be removed or over grow the tank)
tend to show the most
accumulated adverse effects (phosphate deficiency,
etc) presumably because
they remain behind.

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