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Re: conductivity= water quality explained

How low a kh do I have to get down to before my ph will lower?  I can get my 
kh down to 60ppm and still no ph drop.  I can't solve my water problems and 
no one seems able to help me.  I have asked many people.  I live in a rural 
area with farms, is it fertilizer run off?  I am not a chemist and a lot of 
the stuff you talk about is way over my head.  I have plants and only DIY 
Co2, is my C02 inadequate?  This ph problem is the same in all of my twelve 
tanks.  I am able to spawn and raise cacatuoides and Borelli.  My rams spawn 
and then eat their swimming fry.  Is it hopeless?  Do I just have to stick 
with fish that are not too picky about the ph?  Thanks for any advice, 

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