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Re: conductivity= water quality explained

How low a kh do I have to get down to before my ph will lower? I can get my
kh down to 60ppm and still no ph drop. I can't solve my water problems and
no one seems able to help me. I have asked many people. I live in a rural
area with farms, is it fertilizer run off? I am not a chemist and a lot of
the stuff you talk about is way over my head. I have plants and only DIY
Co2, is my C02 inadequate? This ph problem is the same in all of my twelve
tanks. I am able to spawn and raise cacatuoides and Borelli. My rams spawn
and then eat their swimming fry. Is it hopeless? Do I just have to stick
with fish that are not too picky about the ph? Thanks for any advice,

Lowering the KH won't automatically change pH. KH is just a measure of how stable your pH probably is (because it's a measure of total buffering capacity from carbonates).

I think people might get confused by the "H". In KH it stands for "hardness". In pH it stands for "H+" or "acid". They're not meant to indicate the same thing at all.

If you're water is stuck at pH 7, lowering the hardness won't change it. Although lowering the hardness can make it more susceptible to pH fluctuations. But essentially you still have to add some acid to get the pH down. Adding CO2 can decrease the pH also (90% sure on that one, anyone else?). I use SeaChem acid buffer to get water acidic because that particular acid doesn't include stuff that makes algae grow like crazy.

Brian Ahmer

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