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Re: blue ram sudden fry death

I have to ad to my previous post that I was talking about domestic strains of Rams not wildcaughts.My Rams breed in ph 7.4(!) without any problems.Perfect conditions could mean right temp.,no predators ,clean water,hiding spots etc.
Ph doesn't kill fish ph crashes will,eg large amounts of CO2 dumped into the water by an almost empty CO2 container.That's why I asked John if he's using CO2 day and night.Plants absorb CO2 during the day and produce CO2 during the night hrs, which could have had an effect on the ph in a relatively small tank.

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From: Scott <zerelli@yahoo.com>
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Subject: Re: blue ram sudden fry death
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 11:41:20 -0700 (PDT)

How does pH kill a fish? I mean other than causing a
change from ammonia to ammonium. I really think people
tend to latch onto that idea without a basis. I was in
a pet shop the other day and one of the employees was
complaining about how hard it was to keep discus since
she had to constantly mess with pH. I toldher to just
leave it alone and she looked at me like I was nuts. I
personally watched two pairs spawn repeatedly in water
well over 7.5 pH. She didn't believe it and was sure
they cannot survive in such water. I am just curious
and not saying that it is not true. Someone educate me
I need to learn something not computer related this
week (work has been a pain).

--- Max Gallade <mgallade@hotmail.com> wrote: > I think Mike J. posted here before that Rams like > perfect conditions to > raise their youngens in.The question is what is > perfect?I've been succesful > with Rams in a species only tank(10g). I move the > female out after > hatching and let the male take over the brood > care.My males have been > wonderful fathers so far and haven't eaten a fry > yet.We wrote a Ram breeding > journal on the TDA site (which is now back > online).It contains a lot of > helpful tips I got from people here and a link to > the Z-man Ram breeding > article with more great tips. > HTH > Max > > Visit "The Digital Aquarium" and L&M Tropicals at: > http://clix.to/Apisto > > >

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