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Hi everyone. I'm writing on behalf on Colin Gorton, who's having trouble
getting connected.
He's having some problems with his Cichlids and he's a bit worried.
What is happening is that every so often one fish will, over the course of
only 24 hours, stop feeding, go up to the top, start gasping and then die.
These are remarkably similar to the problems that Chris (Jewell) was asking
about, except that these fish are going to the surface rather than sitting
on the bottom.
Thee are no prior symptoms that have been noticed, and there appears to be
no pattern to this.
It has occured with A. steindachneri, nijsseni and bitaeniata, in at least 8
different aquaria. No other types of fish other than Cichlids appear to be
He only has a limited range of medications available to him.
He is very worried, as it took a while to obtain some of these fish and so
they represent quite an investment in time and effort by him.
He has looked at a recently dead fish under a microscope, and he says there
was something on the gills that didn't look right, but he's not sure about
what it was (he hasn't got access as big a library as he'd like).
He has treated with Sterazin but no no apparent effect.
Any ideas?

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