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Wrestling and making your own fish food

Hey guys,
Brownie ,Mike Chappell I feel your pain today!

I guess you knew what I was up to this Saturday?I WRESTLED with a very bloody beast.It ended up in my Food processor.A 4 pound beefheart,hehehe.

I mentioned earlier that my fish are eating me out of my house.I used to have a $60.00/month frozen food bill.
I tinkered with the idea to make my own fish food after experimenting with different mixtures for a while(Salmon leftovers ,turkey heart).I finally decided to give Erik Leungs great Beefheart recipe a try:
The recipe will yield roughly 9 pounds of food.Cost around $30.00 for all fresh ingredients.It will last me about 6-8 month.I varied the recipe a little bit and added uneaten dryfoods that my fish wouldn't eat otherwise such as cyclop-eeze ,plankton and Spirulina flakes,Tetra color bits and Spectrum discus formula.The food has a very nice consistency and breaks down into smaller pieces for my smaller fish.My Discus start to like it, too.I ordered 4 pounds of beefheart from my butcher and got one whole heart.Cutting up the beefheart took a while to get used to,though.Kind of messy. The recipe is very easy to follow.Give it a try.

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