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light and fry

hi all,
ok here is another subject!
ususally when i have apistos with fry i leave a small light on during the
night so that the parent can still take care of the eggs / fry. it has never
been a problem until now. parents seem to kind of being awake but not
completely...kind of in a torpor.
Lately i had some A. borelli with ~ 100-150 young. everything was great
until on morning everybody (fry) or almost was dead.
It was their 4 days of free swimmers and they were eating very well and were
growing darn fast.
Ok here is the question: do you think that they have been sooo exhausted
that they died? (lack of sleep)
What do you guys do when eggs and later fry are present in the tank with the
have a good night all.
take care

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