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RE: cooling water down

> I have a 2' x 1' tank and it is too hot (about 84 degrees F).   > I  was
> wondering if anybody knows how to cool the water    >down without buying
> coolers etc. 

check your heater.  your water should not be this hot.  although, i'll say that for most apistos, 84 F (29 C) is not that unbearable, but that will depend on how big the tank is, oxygen levels etc.  or is the water temp that high because where you are the weather ir really hot?

for years, i had to deal with high temps in the summers here in nyc since i live in the top floor of my building.  the worse were the night time temps because my apt. would be really hot (80's-90's) even if outside was in the 70's due to the heat being trapped in the building.  during those years, i would open the lids of the tanks, and place lots of ice on top (i'd fill plastic containers with water and freeze them in the freezer).  that helped somewhat.

then they painted the roof of the building with a reflective paint and now i don't have to worry about this problem anymore.

tsuh yang chen, nyc USA

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