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Growth Rates

Everyone, I am going to provide a topic for discussion that has nothing to do with plants :).
I have some Apisto. cacatuoides the I noticed were free swimming the second weekend in December,
and I have managed to separate a few of them from Mom and Dad. I wanted to know how big they should
be and when I can expect the parents to breed again. The largest baby seems to be about 3/8" - 1/2"
in length, with some of the smaller ones that are still in with the parents about 1/4" or so. Is this
about right or should they be much larger? 
Also, can someone give me a rough idea of what size/age they will need to be before they start coloring
up? This pair looks really nice, and I wanted to keep a few for myself, but others have also expressed
an interest in them, I was going to trade them around.


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