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Re: No Sweat!! (was: hmmmm)

Please let me exlain folks with NO opinion given here!  I am not giving my 
opinion......I am not mad at anyone.......I just want to explain about the 
advertising.  I have been on the apisto list since ohhhhhh 96....maybe 95 and 
there was a "WAR" that trook place concerning so-and-so had this apisto for 
this and so-and so had this apisto for that and so-and so rooked me out of 
$xxxxx and so-and so is better and cheaper that so and so and........well folks 
I think you can now imagine the e-mails that could and were being sent!

Way back then the list moderator stopped the list for 1-2 weeks (sound 
familiar) and came back with some rules........among the rules was no 
advertising on the list.  It was made completly clear that the advertising in 
question did not mean "...I need a male borelli".......or "...... had a spawn 
of XXX and anyone who wants them write me off list."...........it was made 
clear that if you were in the "business" not full time, just in the "business" 
of selling fish then it needs to be off list totally!  Not all lists are that 
way.........the only other list  personally belong to is the Killie list and it 
is exactally the same as the apisto list ith this regards so there are other 
lists that feel the same as our apisto moderator..............please 
folks......I have not given you my opinion.....just what the list agreed to all 
those years ago.  Quite frankly I don't care which way it is.......but if the 
list wants to do so they ought to consider what can and has happened in the 
past and then petition the list moderator!

Mike Wise.....a little guidance on this point......please point out if I am 

No anger here folks and no one in my mind.....and I REALLY don't care which way 
we go!!!!!

You folks have a great day............good to be back with the list up!


> Fellow apistopalians:
> I say, don't sweat the small stuff!
> Not to cause a war here, but what on earth is the problem with us on the 
> list letting others know when we have something available?  It would

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