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Re: Shallow Tanks, was Agassizii breeding assistance needed

I have something even shallower. The Florida Tropical Fish Farmers' Association used
to do their own tanks. They had two different units, a 22 breeder and a 40 breeder. The 40
was a standard footprint. The 22 is 34x18x10. Looks kind of odd to anyone who is used to
seeing tanks, but it definitely has the surface area. The FTFFA may still have them, you
can check their web site www.ftffa.com.


On Wed, Mar 13, 2002 at 10:23:25AM -0700, Mike & Diane Wise wrote:
> Bill,
> I don't know if they make them anymore. I bought my 6 over 20 years ago. They came with a
> sliding metal & screen top that I had to cut off. These were mostly considered "for pet
> store use only". Now most manufacturers feel it's cheaper to make one style of glass box
> (aquarium) for all. I know that there are some herp tanks that are specifically designed
> for small reptiles & amphibians, but most are tall, not wide.
> I like the ones that I have because they a wide 'footprint'. Since most apistos in the wild
> are found in water between 4-8" (10-20 cm) deep, any extra depth is a waste of space. If
> money was no object, I would replace all my 15 & 20L tanks with 30 gallon breeders. These
> tanks are 36x18x12"high (90x45x30cm high). These have the largest foot print per gallon
> normally available and can be stacked 4 high on most aquarium racks. They are available
> from many major American aquarium manufacturers, usually as a special order. The reason we
> don't see them offered that often is because the cost the same as a 40 breeder tank. Most
> people want the most gallons/$.
> Mike Wise

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