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Re: evolution -off topic

Hey, last night I prayed to the sun god and the lightning god and it worked!!! My apisto's spawned!!

(oh wait, we're not scared of lightning anymore, so we've moved on to the "catch-all god", right? I always forget.)

Gosh, I hope the Mayan religion wasn't the correct one. I haven't done a human sacrifice in a long time. We could all be in big trouble with the Mayan gods! That would be rather ironic wouldn't it? The correct religion went extinct through evolution! Oh wait, 2000 years ago some guy assured us that we had the right story, so everything will be ok. No need to be afraid. Hmmmmm, but what if he was just the world's first hippy?? I'm going to read up on the lightning god and human sacrifices just to be sure...
Brian Ahmer, Ph.D.

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The Ohio State University
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