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Re: Stopping the discussion

I heartily agree with Zack on the notion that lists have threads for a reason.

Nobody may expect the Spanish Inquisition (RELAX, it's just a Monty Python joke reference), but EVERYbody should expect to find certain threads on listserves that may be of more, less or zero interest.

Of course the apisto list is generally about apistos. But it often goes into chemistry, physics, inside jokes, web or computer details, do-it-yourself projects, social banter, etc.

A classically American way of dealing with the issue of unsettling posts would be to exercise freedom of choice and not read them (based on the Subject). Requesting that others abstain from peaceful, non-vulgar self expression, or asking to be "protected" by moderators or the tyranny of the mob seems to me a far cry from the spirit that made the web (not to mention the country) so great in the first place.

(And yes, I am aware that there are members of the list who are not U.S. citizens or residents. To them, I kind of apologize for not using more globally inclusive illustrations. Except, of course, with regard to the Canadians or the French. Ha!)

If you're mad because you read something that got you flustered, please, be a grown-up and consider who is really to blame for your feelings. Are you upset with Zack because he wrote it and titled it appropriately, or with *yourself* because *you* opened it and read it?

-Brad Jones

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