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Some people have been wondering why some of their posts did not make it
to the list - reason, they were too long so automatically bounced to me.
Since it also happened that in my opinion they were off topic, I did not
bounce them back.

You can avoid such problems by keeping the post short, by not quoting more
than the bare minimum of the previous post, and by not using HTML
in mail which makes it 2x the length.

I am considering automatically rejecting posts that blindly quote the
entire previous post. If your editing style relies on keeping an entire
thread in one email, I respectfully suggest you conform to this guideline
and also subscribe to the digest if you need a record of the entire thread
in one document.

Please think carefully when you craft your submission - should this
go to the list or the author(s) of the post only?

Comments to me directly, not the list.

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