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Evolution discussion

While I don't fundamentally disagree with the seemingly ongoing
evolution/creationism discussion, it clearly has gotten to the point where
other members of the list are leaving because of it - members who in the
past have been great contributors. All the talk about "deleting it if you
don't want to read it" and further First Amendment type statements, while
perhaps sound arguments, IMO are better discussed off-list, particularly in
the face of numerous people lodging objections about this ongoing thread.

Part of being involved in a list of this sort, specific to a particular
subject, is having some sensitivity to others' desires about the subject
matted and staying on topic. Many have proclaimed that evolution et al. IS a
valid topic for this list, but I would submit that in the face of so much
controversy about not only the topic but the posting thereof, that those who
want to pursue it further do so off-list.

Just my $.02 worth....



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