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Agassizii pre spawning behavior?

Hate to disturb the list with a fish question, but I'll give it a try.
What is "typical" behavior for a pair as a prelude to spawning?  And, is there a length of time that this goes on before the actual spawning?
Tonight, I'm seeing a lot of displaying going on.  Most of it seems to be initiated by the female.  Also, more of a yellow coloration to the body,  but nothing like the intensity of the photo in Linke & Staeck. 
The male and female are basically at opposite ends of the tank.  They meet sort of half way and the female is coming up to the male and giving the male a few light pecks to the body near the caudal peduncle and then swims a short distance away.  Sometimes the male reciprocates. 
This gets repeated with some occasional head to tail displaying and some quick bursts or charges by the male.
What time of day are they likely to spawn?  I'm assuming earlier in the day vs. now, 10PM EST.
Also, no ovipositor visible.
Thanks again for all the great feedback earlier this week.  It looks like patience may indeed be a virtue.