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Re: Agassizii pre spawning behavior?

In a message dated 3/16/2002 3:32:18 AM Eastern Standard Time, rdlittle3@comcast.net writes:

It looks like patience may indeed be a virtue.


  I think you answered your own question. I got a pair of yellow tail variation and they had a pot full of eggs within a week. I didn't even realize it but, I was cleaning and rearranging things when I saw the pot full of eggs.

  Yours could already have the eggs and she's just telling him to keep a watch out for predators or she could have just laid them and she's telling him to come do your thing. Either way they just seem to do it when we are not looking. I still keep a watch on the female to make sure she is not overly aggressive towards the male because of my past experience.

  Right now I have a double red pair and the yellow I just mentioned doing quite well together. The female with the double red use to kill every male that came down the pike I guess she finally found the right man.
                                                            Good luck
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