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Re: Evolution in a microcosm

Well, it would appear that this subject hasn't died, though I admit that I haven't read all my messages yet.
OK Zack, what is your problem with Evolution and what do you think is an alternative, having shot at this theory (which , by the way remains a theory rather than a law because it cannot be mathematically proven) surely you have an alternative?
In a previous message, that I erroneously sent just to the person who mailed it rather than the list, I recommended "Almost Like a Whale," I reckon this to be one of, if not the, best book on this subject (proof of evolution). I'd recommend it even to those who believe in alternative theories.
I think that the biggest misconception that I saw in the replies on this subject have been that Creationist Theory is the only Alternative to Evolution. I understand that there are other alternatives and would like to know more. Not enough information is available on the alternatives other than Creationist Theory.
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From: Zack Wilson <aquamaniac@earthlink.net>
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002 11:45:03 -0600
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Subject: Re: Evolution in a microcosm

Re: I don't know why some feel the need to shy away from this subject. I agree
Re: with others who consider this an enjoyable discussion. We're all adults here
Re: and should be able to handle some intelligent discussion of a very pivotal
Re: idea. The occurrence of macro-evolution or the lack thereof is very
Re: prevalent with regards to our Apistos. It affects how we identify or
Re: understand the relation of our fish--whether what we have is really a new
Re: species in a chain or whether it is just a variation of a pre-existing
Re: species. Whether we go into the examination of a fish with the pre-existing
Re: notion that we must fit the fish into our evolutionary model affects how we
Re: identify our fishes.
Re: I find it interesting that it is the proponents of macro-evolution who have
Re: felt it necessary to bring in religion. Those of us capable of offering an
Re: intelligent discussion about the occurrence of macro-evolution have yet to
Re: mention religion. I have only given reasons why I don't accept evolution and
Re: haven't stated any affiliation to an alternative religion from evolution. So
Re: far the biggest lack of education or intelligence I have seen comes from the
Re: other side. I wonder how well anyone understands the alternatives, or do
Re: they just believe in their religion of evolution because that is all they
Re: have taken the time to study? I have studied evolution in-depth and at
Re: length and find no merit in it.
Re: Most of what has been offered in favor of macro-evolution has been devoid of
Re: substance or evidence in favor, but rather has simply attacked alternative
Re: views with simplistic dogma. I don't agree with the ideas of macro-evolution
Re: for many well-thought-out reasons and therefor differ in my opinions of what
Re: constitutes the identification of a new species. I am happy to discuss with
Re: others who can behave like adults the logic of my views. If you're not
Re: interested in this subject, there are other threads and you don't have to
Re: read this one. If you are interested, whether as a contributor or observer,
Re: you're free to participate.
Re: Regards all,
Re: Zack Wilson
Re: losing more and more respect for Ph.D's. 
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