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Iniridae babies

When I was in the UK at Christmas I managed to pick up a couple of pairs of A. Iniridae, unfortunately I lost one male, but that still left me with two females and a very beautiful male.
They've been making breeding-type motions for a couple of weeks now and I'm pretty damn certain that one of the females is now guarding eggs:-). She went yellow last week and last weekend I couldn't find her but because of the colour I wasn't too worried. 
Anyway, on Tuesday I was looking for her and finally saw a little pair of lips under the rim of a coconut, she has managed to almost totally block off the entrance to the cave with her excavations. I presume she must be pretty hungry 'cos she certainly can't get out and the other female certainly can't get in. I was thinking of putting another coconut into the same tank and seeing if the other female would do the same! Icould het the tank filled up with coconuts! 
The male is now paying attention to the other female (though he IS keeping her away from "home", not surprising as he can't even SEE his wife, can't be getting enough!



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