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A. Juruensis "Speckled"

I've been trying to get some shots of my speckled Juruensis but so far haven't got anything worth posting. However, I can give you some more info. on colouration and behaviour.
The dominant male and female both show less speckling than the sub dominants but it is still there, just in reduced quantities, and when attacked the sub dominants show very pronounced speckling. The speckles vary in size from less than 1mm to around 3-4mm and cover the whole body, including the fins. One female has a large speckle on her dorsal fin but others don't have this, it really is very random. When in breeding trim the male continues with his speckles but the female loses all hers (replaced by the usual yellow).
The male's cheeks turn a pale mauve when in breeding colours.
On the behaviour front the male seems to spend more time than the female guarding the eggs and equal responsibility for the fry. Both were able to protect the brood when a Cren. Regani managed to get into their tank (it's divided and the female got past the sponge divider.)
See yall 


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