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Re: blackworms

Hello Tom

I used to regularly feed blackworms to my apistos for several years.   I
never had any problems with my apistos after feeding them blackworms..
the only problem i have ever seen that could arise from feeding
blackworms was that if black worms are not properly housed in a cold
fridge and cleaned very thoroughly each day, they foul easily and could
then pose a problem feeding bad worms to your fish.   I always made sure
i had rinsed my worms very good several times before i even thought of
feeding them on any particular day.   I also only fed them to my fish 2
to 3 times a week..  I didnt want my fish so fatten up that they were so
full and didnt feel like spawning.    I did find blackworms to be a very
good conditioning food.   There has been alot of disagreement on this
list about the use of black worms.    I presently dont feed them
anymore, not because of the fact that they are bad for my fish, but on
the fact that i dont have a good source for them anymore.   I keep
anywhere from 10 - 20+ species of apistos at any given time now for at
least the last 8 years.   My experiences with black worms been very
positive.   If i had a good source reasonably inexpensive again i would
be using them now.    

If you can get a good source of healthy worms, go ahead and use them.
Everyones experiences will vary no matter what you try.   What works for
me doesnt always work for someone else and vice versa.   


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