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Filamentosa-Panduro-Peat Moss and Thanks

Hi All,

  Well, I now have 6 really nice D. Filamentosa swimming happily in a 20 
long. I have six caves but, if you sit back and look at the tank you can't 
even see them. Thanks to Tony for great Plants and Zack for some more great 

  As for peat, well I went with the slow method. I actually got some already 
decomposed Canadian Sphagnum Gold organic peat. As per the list advice.

  I did decide to Zap in the micro wave for a couple minutes because it 
didn't say sterilized on the bag. Just figured I err or the side of caution 
plus I also figured I wouldn't be boiling away any needed minerals or 
benefits of the peat. This was my own idea. I've done it before with potting 
soil when culturing grindal worms so I figured why couldn't it work for peat.

  I placed a filer bag with some of the peat in a corner at each end.
Also was due to some information found on the Krib. Thanks for reminding me 
Greg. I'm so use to the Krib just being there I sometimes forget to look in 
the most obvious places. Erik I don't know if it's my imagination but, for 
some reason the Krib looks like it's had a face lift it really looks great 
and great info as usually.

  The TDS of my water for me was a little high but, the pH was around 6.0. I 
put down a layer about 1/2 - 3/4" of profile. I used it because I had it. 
I've used laterite before and am told both are good. I also used 25 lbs of 
fine to medium grade gravel. A little much but, I worked it to my advantage. 
I actually have caves pushed into the gravel depth with just fronts showing 
and plants and Java moss pretty much conceal the fronts. I even have one 
round cave where the opening is the only thing showing. There is a hill of 
gravel going up over it with small sword like plants climbing up the hill. 
The territories seem well defined as per Mike Wises advice...thanks Mike. For 
a non plant guy I'm really happy with the look. And the Filamentosa are too. 

  I will keep you updated...

  Oh yeah the Panduro are great man are they pretty. They are just in a 
standby tank until I set one up just for them but, I don't know if Mom is 
going to wait she was out the next day glowing one of the most beautiful 
shades of yellow I have seen in an apisto female and yes the neat black 
marking are also very nice....Well, I'll keep you all posted..

  See I do listen to what some of you people say. Cause I have in the past 
and it does work. Just have to pick and choose and find "What works for you."
                                     This really is fun...
                                       Thank again All

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This is the apistogramma mailing list, apisto@listbox.com.
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