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Re: blackworms

spring break.... well i dont have to worry about that yet mike.... its
not spring time yet..... ha...!!

And as for your 75F weather, well the sun shined here today and it was a
balmy 33F... so i got my sun tan lotion out and enjoyed a nice warm day
in the sun.....hmmm.

Now that that part is over... yes i just correctly used two consecutive
thats.... I also have alot of ram fry swimming all over.... Thanks to
Al.. those rams i recieved from Al in February are awesome and being
great parents too... Which is way cool as far as im concerned......
Maybe i've broken the dreaded Ram curse in my house.    This weird
weather lately has been a wonderful triggering time for my apistos to
spawn...... Will have some really nice batches of fish come summer time.

Thawing out John

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