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snacking viejetas

Are there any views about whether keeping mum and dad together after
spawning increases/decreases the likelihood of mum eating the eggs?

Likewise, does feeding encourage/discourage mum from snacking? I would
presume that a well-fed mother is less likely to eat the eggs, but have had
the feeling that feeding can also be a distraction and perhaps a stimulant
to eating.

I've got a pair of Viejetas that have spawned four times now, twice in a
community tank and twice on their own in a planted 15 gallon. The eggs
only seem to last a day or so (I've set them up with a new open mouth cave
so this time I can actually see the eggs and discover what happens).

Water parameters are pH of 6.8, almost zero KH and GH, temperature of 26c.

from John McCrone

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