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N. anomola

Hi guys, I have a pair of Nannacara anomala in a 21 gallon tank , heavilly 
planted with Bogwood Amazons, Vallis and Hairgrass. they share the tank with 
9 cardinal tetras and untill recently seemed to get on fine. When first added 
about a week ago the male was showing signs that he was interested in the 
female, (swimming about her and displaying all his fins) but the female had 
no colour was very pale and showed little interest.
2 days ago though, the black markings on the female became very bold and she 
became a "vicious little madam" she has taken to chasing the male all over 
the tank and the few times he has tried to fight back their sparing has 
proven quite vicious,although upto now no fins have been damaged or chunks 
Water readings are

Ph: 7.6
Kh: 2ppm
Gh: 5ppm
NA: 10ppm

I know the ph is high (thats what it comes out of the tap at round her) but I 
intend to add some more unleached wood to the tank in the hope that it will 
lower the PH, the fish are fed various small feeds a day, mainly of live 
food, with the occasional feeding of tetramin pellets. I have plenty of 
hideyholes in the bogwood but no out and out caves.
Can anyone make any suggestions to stop the aggression? I thought african 
rift cichlids were mean, but sheesh this is hell!

Had a funny moment yesterday though the male was getting all the abuse and in 
a moment of Manliness and to prove he wasnt a wimp, he picked a fight with a 
small cardinal, nothing serious, but you could tell by his expression it was 
a case of "I cant fight her, but I can fight you!"

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