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Re: Apistogramma moae

The fact that I ordered them as norberti really doesn't mean much in this
case. I got them from a wholesaler who is completely unreliable in their
IDing. Let's just say that every Apisto on their list can be considered a
mixed box. In the box that the "moae" came in, there were a few different
fish, not one of which even resembled norberti remotely. That said, I could
have been wrong on that account. I was left to try to match them as closely
as possible since they were obviously not norberti. They were decent size,
but not fully matured, so I was missing something with them.

On the other hand, if Linke & Staeck's book was correct in their photo ID,
then I have very little doubt that I had moae at another point. Before I
brought in the "norberti" box, I picked up a pair at a local fish shop, A
World of Fish. They were the only pair in the tank, and they were labeled as
something else, which they didn't even resemble. I picked them up since
Apistos aren't easy to come by here, and I got a deal. They were already
good size, and the male was nearly colored up up/finned out. After several
weeks I decided to find out what my fish were. After searching through books
and on the net, I found the photo in the American Cichlids I. That picture
could have been of my male. All of the darker markings, finnage, and
secondary characteristics (colors and stuff) matched. I counted bands,
markings and shapes and all that, and I couldn't find any differences. So I
guess as I said if the the photo in that book is correct, then I'm pretty
certain. It's also entirely possible these fish could have come from
Germany, since AWOF gets most of their Apistos from over there.

If they weren't moae, then I'd still like to know just what they were.

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