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Re: Beginner needs help! (Was: High density fish tank)

For my 2 cents, I find that my Apistos do better when I crowd them a bit.  I
do have to work hard to make sure that good water quality is maintained, and
although having a lot of plants helps, water changes are key.
In my 55 gallon tank I keep 8 juvenile rams with a pair of A. "papagei", and
6 Cory cats.  The rams and Apistos flare at each other, and there is some
chasing, but the agression seems to spread out to the point where no one
gets hurt and everyone gets a chance to eat.
In my 40 gallon tank I have 6 juvenile A. trifasciata (from D. Soares) 3
males, 3 females, with 6 Cories, and 12 Nannostomus beckfordii 4 males, 8
females.  Yes, this is a VERY crowded tank, but the Apistos are healthier
and more active than they ever were when I kept them in pairs in their own
Anyway, just my opinion.

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