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funny fish sexual behavior.....

Hello All....
A funny thing happened today. I was setting up my 108 gallon apisto tank. I had all my fish in a 25 high and a 20 high. I put them all in the 108. Within 4 hours of them being put in there, my Orange Flash Cacatuoides and a wild caught female found a flower pot and used it.. They are still at it as I type...Its also quite funny that my borelli male won't leave the Orange flash alone. They don't fight, He just follows him everywhere like they are best friends. Its actually kinda funny to watch the Cac try to lose him but to no avail. The borelli has been sitting outside the pot waiting since they started to do the nasty. Well, I just thought I'd give my 2 cents on some Apisto behavior. Rich

Have a nice day

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