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Re: egg color

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 I agree or at least that's what I was led to believe also. The color of the eggs can be based in part on the types of food the fish are eating. Also the fish itself can gain a lot of color from the food it eats.

 A while back I mentioned to Mike Wise about an Agassizii I bought which was sold as a yellow tail. Well, after a couple weeks in my tanks the yellow tail turned red. I have had it now for several months and it has never turned back to yellow.

 I also noticed at this same store where I purchase the fish, I had also sold some fish. Well, the fish I sold him didn't look like my fish anymore. They lost their color and size. So good food is very important.

 Man I know I always give more than you ask for. I've been being quiest so that makes up for it. Good day and see ya's later.

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