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Re: I bred A. cacatuoides!

Hello, just my two cents worth but my cacatuoides raised a small brood in a 
community tank with tetras and SAEs.  I wouldn't use a net, just let Mom and 
Dad do their thing, they know how to take care of the babies.  I lost the 
first brood in the community tank because I did not feed enough small food to 
the fry once they were past the infusoria stage.  The next time I fed lots of 
bbs and microworms and after a few months I sold those cacs for eight bucks a 
piece to the LFS.  Right now, I am really blown away by a tiny borelli female 
in my bare bottom grow out tank.  She has had a small brood of fry for 
several weeks in a grow out tank with much larger fish.  She and dad do their 
thing and keep the other fish away and the fry herded to the best places to 
find tiny food.  I also give Mom and Dad a night light so they can see to 
protect their fry at night.  That is my two cents worth, Teresa 

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