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Re: new aggie

Ok, I've sat by and watched this thread go... my turn to add fuel to the
fire... or get burned..!!!

Whos to say that different locations of a particular Aggie arent the
same fish.... just because the first fish is from Rio X and the second
one is from Rio Y.... why couldnt they be the same fish just different

Now as for not crossing aquarium strains of aggies or even
Cacatuoides.... hell i have no problems with that..... i've had some
nice fish come out of crossing a double red aggie with an alenquer type
aggie.... if and when i sell these fish at auctions, they are clearly
labeled such that.... a cross of two types..... Aquarium strains are
just that ...... aquarium strains.!!!!

And from a LOOKS point of view... funny how that Rio Tigre aggie looks
ALOT like my Alenquer strain does...... HMMmmmmmmmm!!

Lt Chekov..... shields up!!!!!   Red Alert..!!


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