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Ap. cf gephyra?


Im new to this list and have some questions.

I bought 4 fishes of "Apistogramma sp." wild cought from Brazil, probobly from Rio Negro. The 4 fishes got 2 pair (luck?) and seems fine, except from one female that are very slim.

I checked my dwarf cichlid books for any pic´s like the ones I have. The most similar are Ap. gephyra but in not sure. They have two blotches in the sideline but not so lancelot tail as most gephyra and agassizii its more rounded.
Are there more than gephyra in the agassizii-group that have two blotches besides agassizii from Peru?
I hope that I can show you a picture soon.

Is it possible to see/show how many people joining this list, and their location?

Best fishes
/Pär Jansson, Sweden

Pär Jansson
E-post: par.jansson@carlbro.se

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