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Re: Albinism and Aggression

From: Mike Jacobs
Sent: Saturday, January 04, 2003 5:14 PM
> ...if the "white" gene is anything like a recessive gene in
> angels then it takes a matching recessive gene to go with
> it before it's gonna show again...

You haven't forgotten this point at least, no matter how long it's been  :-)

> ...if it shows up again you now have some young that you
> could go back to the original "white" one with...or you
> could go buy some "white" cacatuoides......;-)

I figured to take the shortest route here, mainly for space and time
considerations. Right now I've got the Borelliis, Orange Flash, Double Reds,
Blue Aggies, Double Red Aggies, Trifasciata and Nijsseni all working - and
those are just the Apistos. I'm kinda out of room at the present, but I just
might create some in this case. The idea of a white OF is becoming more
appealing as I think about it.

But there's also the time factor here. My franchise is about to hand me
another restaurant, and the fish I have going right now are more or less
"self-replicating" without requiring a lot of the attention I can hardly
spare right now. But that might not be the case should I have to start
toward a more specific goal.

> The only white ones I've seen are here in Tampa at a
> fish farmers.......he is importing them and the Huser
> aggie (ALL MALES!!!!!!!!!!!!!)...maybe I'll go and get
> some of the white males...

Then I wouldn't let it slip that there's a possible female out here  ;-)

> Neil Lillidol had gotten a pair of white cacatuoides a
> bit back from, I think, a guy in Hawaii...............maybe
> he could shed some light on this?????

I'm all ears.

And of course I haven't approached Tomoko yet to see if any of her broods
have displayed this trait - perhaps she's catching this and could be on the

Thanks for the "heads up", Mike. I would definitely be interested in
anything else you might be able to find out. You can take it to private mail
if that's more appropriate...


P.S. -

It's the _white_ I'm interested in - not the albino...

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