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Re: Apistos by Trade Names

> From: Mike & Diane Wise
> Sent: Sunday, February 02, 2003 5:12 PM
> I went through these last month, I think, but will go
> through them again:

My apologies, sir.

But in my defense (mitigating circumstances), my dial-up service (or lack
thereof) was the reason for my having to go through the addy changes and
what-not. I just haven't taken the time to go through the archives to
separate what I missed from that to which I didn't pay attention.

> A. sp. Paracas = A. cf. eunotus Orangetail/Orangeschwanz
> A. sp. Kiko = A. cf. eunotus (probably the same species, just a different
> form close to A. cf. eunotus Willy)
> A. sp. Pebas (Purple) = A. sp. Pebas (Morado) ("Morado is Spanish for

These first three were the ones I hadn't recognized from previous postings.
I do appreciate the effort in completing the list though...


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