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"biotope project"

Hi all,

It's a little bit quiet lately, but perhaps you will be
willing to help me with one giantic project, that I saved
for summer time. We have an apisto dedicated website with
some friends from Poland and try to gradualy improve the
content. For some time I have been thinking about a
"compatibility list" of species occuring simpathricaly with
the dwarf cichlids. I know it's a lifetime job, but if I
start with some popular species and limit to other fish
known to aquarium hobbyists it could be a great help for
those, who plan a biotope tank.

I poped onto some links to collecting trips' diaries, that
are very helpful. I hope you know of some more, perhaps have
your own experiences and remarks to add. Or maybe somebody
already "been there did that"?

Counting on your help.


Grzegorz Prusinowski

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