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Hi all,

Matthew says:

>Well, the only premise I'm challenging is the one that the exception is
>that they are peaceful.  I would like more input from others who keep
>njisseni.  I've got wild caught pairs and like I said, in a variety of
>environments from a 10g toa 55g tank I've seen little to no aggression
>with other species.
I had a single female in a 40 gal community tank, and then I added 2
large pairs of adult nijsseni.  I went out of town for 3 days, and
when I came back my "old" female was dead.  The nijsseni didn't bother
any of the other fish until two paired up and spawned, and then they
terrorized the other pair so badly that I had to move them out
within 2 days (the subdominant male's fins were shredded).

In addition, all the other inhabitants of the tank (6 D. filamentosus,
5 Biotodoma wavrini, 6 splashing tetras, some pencil fish and 3 panda
corys) were confined to one end, in about 1/4 of the tank volume. (Moved
those filamentosus pronto,too!). Funny thing is, I noticed that my
nijsseni really hated those corys (had them pinned on top of a piece of
driftwood at the top of the tank), and I was thinkning that maybe it was
the large spot on their sides - rather reminiscent of the large nijsseni
spot-that made them seem more threatening. Who knows.

>Without exception, my absolute favorite apistogramma.

I love the whole complex the best - my pandurini are really fun.

A little off topic....I think it was Gary asking about N. taenia?
Well, I finally moved mine from a 10 with some cardinals into a
20 gal with my A. piauiensis, and they
are no longer acting very shy. The little guys are busy chasing each other
all over the place, though they do dart into plants/pots if I move too
fast around the tank. Guess the cardinal tetras were just not interesting
enough dithers to get them out & about (or the tank size was confining).
They are pretty cranky around one another, too, but no damage yet.


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