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Re: apisto study group

There was a recent message from another mailing list participant who
expressed concerns with whether or not the Apistogramma Study Group was
currently functioning or not. I would like to reassure all participants
that it is. In fact, I'm the co-Publisher for the Apisto-Gram, the official
newsletter of the ASG. If anybody is interested in joining the ASG, the
person you need to contact is Daryl Szyska. His mailing address is 5724 N.
Mobile, Chicago, Il 60646. (I don't know if he has an e-mail address or
not, but I might be able to help answer any questions.)

Now, a special offer just for the people on the Apistogramma Mailing List,
and don't you dare tell anyone I told you this, it's just our little
secret, okay? The membership rates are going up. Why do I know? Because I'm
publishing the new rates in the next issue of the Apisto-Gram that I'm in
the process of laying out right now! But technically, if you act right now,
you can effectively get a discount. Of course, if you wait until next
month, I'll have printed and mailed out Issue #51 and I'll have to quote
you the new rates. It's all up to you. This is the first time membership
rates have been increased in years, and the old rates simply do not cover
postage, let alone printing costs, any more.

Current		New Rates
$12.50    USA	 $15.00
$14.00  Canada	 $17.50
$16.00  Foreign	 $20.00

Remember, this was just between us, okay?
\/ dj

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