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Re: Sexing A. Nijsseni

Hi Sturat,

A.nijsseni are not too easy to sex early on.  As they grow 
look for an increase in size in the side spot for a female 
and a decrease for a male.

As to the gill plate makings, in the male it should not get 
too large and should remain as a line.  In the females it 
will increase in size to a  blotch covering the gill cover.

Hope this helps.

What other Apistos (& other dwarfs) were offered for sale 
at the YAF?  I have noticed a pleasing increase in the 
number of fish available recently.  At present I have 
nijsseni and panduro but others I have seen for sale (or 
obtained by aquaintances) are:
A. norberti
A. sp emerald
A. sp aff geisleri
Nannochromis transvestitus
N.parilus (sols as nudiceps)

Ken - Edinburgh.

Ken Laidlaw
Royal Observatory, Edinburgh
Web: http://www.roe.ac.uk