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Re: general diet and feeding frequency questions

Hi Mike
I like to feed my Cacatuoide once to twice a day.   I'll feed live foods
in the morning and dry foods in the late afternoon or early evening.
They don't always get the second feeding depending on my work schedule.
Live foods like black worms, white worms, daphnia, live brine shrimp are
what I use when available.  For dry foods I vary between good flake
foods, tetra bits ( which they love) and or HBH graze.
I think good quality foods are important.  Live foods seem to condition
my fish well for spawning.     When it comes to feeding just hatched fry
I stay away from those powder foods or liquid fry.   My experience is
that they pollute my water quicker.   I like to use microworms once the
fry have absorbed their yolk sacs and start feeding, a few days later I
introduce newly hatched brine shrimp to their diet.   At the 3 to 4 week
mark I start to crush up tetra bits to a powder and let it sink to the
bottom to feed the fry.   I don't add flake food until the fry are about
1/4 inch long.   Good luck 
Remember different things work for different people.   This diet works
well for me as I have several hundred fry of Apisto Cacatuoides in
varying sizes and ages.   
John Wubbolt

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