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Re: general diet and feeding frequency questions

Hi Mike
Maybe I've been lucky or something but I've never had a problem with my
apistos feeding them blackworms and I've been doing it for the last 3 or
4 years.   Maybe the fact that I only feed blackworms twice a week and
only a few worms at a time might account for me having no problems yet.
I use other foods as my live food for morning feedings.   I do a very
good job rinsing my black worms every day so that a 1lb bag of black
worms feeds all my killies, livebearers, corys and apistos for 1 month.
I run about 80 tanks and only feed a few times each week.  I need to
make them last the month for my killies.   I guess it's been my good
fortune, but I do find them a good conditioning food and a few of my
friends who also raise apistos and west africans use them even more than
I do.   
John Wubbolt

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