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well well well...

took a look into my 55g this evening to find my filimentosis female
 being quite the little terror, chasing off anything that came within
 a good 5-6cm of one section of the heavily-sword-planted section
 of my tank. and well, what do i  see but tiny pinkish-ivory round
 specks over a 15x25mm section of an sword leaf... her ventrals
 have been red since i got the pair, and now her anal fin has gotten
 darker, with a slight tinge of red

so, my tanks at around 6.4ph, and hardness is nice and low... the
 males off at the other end of the tank, acting well, normal. but
 anything even coming close to the female is a target, from the
 tetras to the fat sae and the few other apistos in the tank...

nothing major changed in the tank lately - did the typical
 every-so-often water change earlier this week, about 25% or
 thereabouts, and did a major rearrangement of the driftwood and
 plants in the tank early saturday morning... but ph etc has been
 basically constant.

so, by all desriptions ive managed to find, it looks like eggs to me...
 im new to dwarf cichlids (and just getting back into the hobby in
 general), so well see if theyre even viable in a day or so... im not
 holding my breath, though - my fish-keeping praztices are decidly
 low-tech, with dips into the "haphazard" range... but, its definitely
 kind of exciting all the same...


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