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Re: Aquarium Lighting -Reply

The lights were ordered locally.  A friend of mine organized the group purchase
so the salesman would only have to deal with one person--they would not like to
have to explain everything to ump-teen people and get only a small order per

Yes, it is an electronic ballast.  I was told that I needed a special kind of
transformer for T-8's ...as T-8's and T-10's are not compatable.


William Vannerson wrote:

> >>We ordered from some non-aquarium lighting place.<<
> Stephen Boulet made a quick presentation on a DIY lighting hood he made
> with T-8's.  Real impressive.  Is the place you ordered from a national
> distributor?  If so, can you share the name?
> Also, was that an electronic ballast (transformer) for $27.  The kind
> where you don't need a starter for the bulbs?
> Thanks, Randy.
> Bill Vannerson

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