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Re: A. afanini?

"EXT AVS; Dave Gomberg" wrote:

> At 01:27 PM 2/12/99 +0100, you wrote:
> >"EXT AVS; \"Fredrik Nilsson A (QDT)\"" wrote:
> >> Does the name afanini make sense to anyone?
> >> Could it simply be a misspelling (A. sp. aff. something?)
> >I think it's just affinis going through a bad time. I've seen lists from
> >exporters just saying A. affinis or Pelv. affinis and you have to figure
> >out for yourself what species it's like.  afanini = affinis = my guess
> That's pretty close, Fredrick.  I have been meaning to write something
> about this for some time, so here is it.   If I collect a fish and I think to
> myself "boy, this sure looks a lot like P. pulcher, but I am nearly certain
> it is not pulcher, but a close relative", a good name choice is
>  P. species affinis pulcher  or   P. sp. affinis pulcher  or  P. sp. aff.
> plucher
> meaning a species of Pelvicachromis closely related to pulcher.  Note
> that these names are nonsense:
>     P.  affinis  or  P. aff.

That's exactly what I meant as well. I have seen P. affinis in the store and
I know it's nonsense but the store-owner didn't know, he took the name from
the importers list and that's what I was asuming that Fredrik K.'s store-
owner had done as well.

> P. sp.  means some Pelvicachromis, but I dunno which.   P. spp.  means
> a bunch of P. species (plural).
> Hope this helps.  If I have slipped up I hope a real taxonomist will set this
> straight.    Dave

Looks straight enought to me. I'd like to mention that P. sp. aff. pulcher
also is quite different from P. cf. pulcher in taxonomical terms, the latter
meaning a species similar to P. pulcher and despite minor differences
most likely is that species. I know this has been discussed and most
listmembers know this, my apologies for being repetitive.

Taxonomy, now matter what you think of it, is very important, just as the
usage of scientific names. I don't know a lot of american/english common
names for fish which prohibits me from answering a lot of questions I think
I could answer since I'm not positive on what species they're asking about.


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