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Re: well if its not one its the other... A. uaupesi "red-wedge"

>I don't remember if you ever mentioned how soft your water is, but until
>you drop
>you pH to around 5.5 and reduce you softness to almost 0 your female will
>to breed (her behaviors says she has eggs right now) but the eggs won't be
>I'd recommend moving them to another tank since these water condition are not
>really conducive to most plants.  A 10 gallon tank may be a bit small, but
>if you keep an eye on the behavior of the fish and water conditions.

yeah - my gh has been generally hovering around 4 degrees... ive been pondering
 the peat thing for a bit here. its just a matter of having an open tank at
this point,
 and being able to work with it like that... *are* there plants thatll deal
with ph
 that low, or am stuck with either a bunch of pots or bogwood and leaves? i had
 a 10g set up for a while with about a 4" layer of leaves on the bottom,
and the
 ph was dropping nicely, but i couldnt find leaves that would stay together
 satisfactorily - the alder leaves that i have immediate access to just
 disintegrated into a mess after a few weeks...

the major reason im dealing with 10s is cause i simply dont have the space to
 have a bunch of 20s around my room... i rent, so a fishroom just isnt in the
 picture right now, so im trying to make do with what ive got now that the
 whole fishkeeping bug has come around and bit me once again... guess its time
 to start up another couple tanks if theres enough left over from this weeks
 paycheck... :)

right now, the saucer is still walled up, but shes left its confines overnight,
 but is keeping watch over it fairly vigorously, nothing like the filimentosus
 was a while back, but then, the eggs arent so exposed...

if nothing else, im getting a pretty good idea of breeding behaviour... and
 list has been chock full of helpful advice... thanks!


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