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Re: Fsih & such into canada

Kevin Jones wrote:
> >im up here in ALberta and looking for Cacotoides. Do you know what
> >type of process is required to bring them across the border?
> I'm in BC, and have a friend down in Washington state who has supplied
> me with a tank and some fish in the past.  I went through the  whole
> checking with customs thing, and had written down instructions for him
> when he came up.  When he crossed the border, they just waved him
> through.  Maybe you could not lie, but just fail to mention them! :)

I've done it often. Mention them!!!!!!!!!! Say you traded with an
internet friend, and the fish are worth 2-3 dollars each. If they find
them and you didn't say anything, be prepared for trouble.
I put the fish on the seat beside me, mention them, and generally just
get laughed at.
Gary (Montreal)

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