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Re: Apistos in Montana

Kris Fleckenstein wrote:
> im up here in ALberta and looking for Cacotoides. Do you know what
> type of process is required to bring them across the border?

  Cacatoides seem to be pretty common in Edmonton, AB.  The auction this
last Sunday had about five bags of adults and juveniles.  I have a
couple of pairs myself, and am eagerly awaiting a spawn (just starting
to conditions them).  I'll post here for sure when I get some fry, but
you may try calling to the shops around.  The web page for the Edmonton
aquarium club is:  http://www.ualberta.ca/~gdegreef/ace.htm
  I hope you can get a hold of some of these beautiful fish soon.

Good luck!
Jason Miller
Sherwood Park, AB
(780) 464-9635

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