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P. humilis - inducing spawning.

Hi all!

I know there was a thread on this species and it's 
difficulty a while back but I can't find it, so why
not a re-run.

I have, since 4 months, a nice pair of wild P. humilis 
that are doing fine in a tank with some lamp-eyes.
They get along very well for humilis, just an occasional
She dances for the male just like the other Pelvicachromis-
species but I have'nt seen any tendencies from the male
to want to spawn. Does anyone know of any tricks to get 
them (him) in the mood? I have a feeling that if they 
don't spawn soon the male will become more aggressive 
towards the female and eventually kill her, as humilis 
has done so many times before. 

I keep them in decent water (peat-filtered 50% RO-water)
so I have hopes that if they spawn the eggs will hatch.

Any ideas? Should I separate them, put them in a really 
large tank, plants, dithers/targets ?

Fredrik L.

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