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Breeding Apistogrammas?

I've just joined this list, although I have been reading the messages on the
Krib website.

Just one question for you. It doesn't sound as though the Apistos are all
that hard to get to breed, and not too bad on raising the fry. Is this true?
I've been breeding and raising the Malawi and Victorian Cichlids for over
ten years, but this will be my first attempt at breeding egg-layers.

I asked my LFS about breeding the Rams, and he told me that they were _very_
difficult. Is this true? I realize you have to have the right water
parameters, but as I just purchased a RO unit a few months ago for a
saltwater reef tank, I feel that I could do that part of it.

I've been looking into the Discus, which seem like they would take more time
than I have right now for me to be successful with them. I've also looked at
the angelfish, but my LFS says that we already have a large breeder nearby
and it would be hard to get much money for them when I was ready to sell the
fry. It sounds to me that the Apistos sound like they would be right in the
middle of the Discus and the African cichlids as far as breeding. Enough
different to make them a challenge without devoting my entire life to them.

Thanks for any input on this,
S. Bunch

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